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Marine oil activity on the continental shelf of the Black Sea has developed since 1976, our company is the only performer in Romania specialized for Offshore construction and assembly works, namely:

  • Installing on site of steel structures components of the platforms for crude oil and gas production of jacket type, decks, tie-in related bridges, crane service, energy and accommodation modules.
  • Fitting out of offshore drilling rigs in order to facilitate production of crude oil and gas deposits with crude oil separators, water treatment plants for injection into the deposit, deposit water pumping stations, gas compression stations, social modules.
  • Onshore preparation and offshore installation of subsea pipeline with large diameters between 4 "and 16".

Our company performs the following services and categories of works :

  • Activities of construction, assembly and transportation related to petroleum industry - oil, gas, water injection deposits, measurement and regulation stations to gas compression stations.
  • Installation of steel pipe and high density polyethylene installed underground and overground for transportation of various products: oil, gas, water, etc.
  • Gas supply and distribution.
  • Civil and industrial building.
  • Water supply and drainage.
  • Assembly and perform steel structures and hutments.
  • Construction of industrial products.
  • Steel manufactures, concrete and steel reinforcing structures, thermal insulations.
  • Insulations of underground or subsea pipelines by automatic insulating stations.
  • Installation of tanks from 50 c.m. to 100.000 c.m. for storage.
  • Medium voltage electrical installations.
  • Cathodic protections for pipelines installed both onshore, and offshore.
  • Concrete preparation.
  • Service performances with construction tools and motor means.
  • Tendering, technical assistance, consultancy and informatics to all services within our scope of work.

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