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PETROCONST SA Constanta Offshore - a joint stock company has been established 50 years ago, having as purpose the perforance of construction assembling works in the oil industry.

Since 1994, dute to the privatizing process, PETROCONST SA Constanta Offshore trading company has been functioning as a company with a total private capital.
Our company is provided with a highly qualified personnel with a large experience.

The company is endowed as follows:

  • The industrial base for erection of the undersea pipelines having a producing area of 266.130 sqm;
  • Concrete mixing plant and concrete prefabs field;
  • Concrete testing rooms, gamma-rays and ultrasonic non-distructive testing laboratory;
  • Automatic insulating machines ;
  • Production base, steel-frame structures and isometric pipelines.

    For all the activity fields, our company is in possession of the required permits and certificates and highly qualified personnel and a large experience in the field.

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