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We perform all types of construction-assembly works both onshore and offshore, having for this production bases, workshops, tools, etc. From work portfolio carried out by SC PETROCONST S.A. Constanta we hereby mention the following:

  • Extension of gas transit capacities over the territory of Romania for increasing the natural gas delivery from Russian Federation to third countries and to Romania - natural gas transmission line, 1200 mm in diameter.
  • Undercrossing the Danube-Black Sea Channel with natural gas transmission line of 1200 mm in diameter, Pn transported gas of 5,4 MPa
  • Undercrossing the Danubel with natural gas transmission line of 1200 mm in diameter, length of 1250 m, in Isaccea
  • Natural gas transmission lines (trunk lines), with diameters between 168 mm and 1200 mm
  • Gas and crude oil treatment systems to Midia terminal
  • Collecting systems and gas measurement stations - Negru Voda, GMRS Isaccea, for pipeline with diameter of 1200 mm transiting Romania towards Bulgaria and Turcia, work carried out in cooperation with Nuovo Pinione-Co Italia
  • Storage tanks of 2.000 c.m. for crude oil storage with floating cover - Midia terminal
  • Storage tanks with fixed cover of 33.000 c.m. for storage of oil products - Midia terminal
  • Transmission lines for oil products, crude oil and gas with diameters between 6" and 48", between offshore rigs and shore, Isaccea - Jijia, Isaccea - Midia, Midia - Sitorman, Isaccea - Negru Voda, Lumina - Constanta, Constanta - Baraganu, Constanta - Midia, Constanta - Pitesti.
  • Cogeneration and compression of low pressure gas to PFS 6, 7, 9 - Black Sea
  • Automation of Pescarus offshore rig
  • Upgrading of 570 Well in Torcesti
  • Delta 4 - Subsea tie-ins and Delta Field Development
  • Gas lift PFS 2 + PFS 6
  • Upgrading of GMS Isaccea and Negru Voda
  • Rehabilitation of 24" pipeline Isaccea - Mihai Bravu
  • Construction of 24" pipeline Negru Voda - Techirghiol
  • Natural gas distribution systems Constanta, Alexandria, Giurgiu
  • Rehabilitation of water supply and water distribution systems in Brasov


  • Delta 4 and Delta 6 - Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
  • Natural gas transmission line Dn 273 Negru Voda - Techirghiol
  • Distribution networks relevant to Constanta, Palazu Mare, Lumina, Negru Voda, Cumpana, Medgidia etc.
  • Base for reconditioning-repairing and tubing & oil rig storing in Midia
  • Fitting out of Constanta Sud harbour, MOL 1S Agigea

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